Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jackpot at Salvation Army!!

Did you ever have one of those spots in your house that just constantly irks you?  You look at it everyday and think, "I should really do something about that. . . .tomorrow."  Well, living in an old house, I have
quite a few of those spots but the kitchen window was the most annoying spot of them all. 

On a trip to Salvation Army, I spied this awesome curtain for 3 bucks.  The pattern matched the backsplash so well, so I snatched it up.

One problem though. . .the kitchen window looked like this:

So I sanded and stained it and then hung the curtain:

What is it about curtains that make the room seem "cozier?"

Craft Show

Country's sister was kind enough to host a mini craft show at her beautiful home last week.  My mom and I brought some of our goods and set up shop in her dining room.  What a fun night!  Wine, appetizers and lots of laughs. . . .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Screened in Porch

So, apparently the people I bought my house from LOVED indoor-outdoor carpeting.  Loved it so much in fact, that they did put it both indoors and outdoors!  The screened in porch had it glued down over every inch (as did my breeze way, but that's another post).  Anyhow, with a little elbow grease and some sanding, staning and painting, this little porch truly shines now!

Here is my one, sad picture of what it looked like before the process:

I wish I had taken more pictures of it, but you kind of get the idea, right?

Here the carpet is gone and I'm prepping to spray the ceiling a nice warm peanut butter color (that I got for $5 from the OOPS section at Home Depot.

Before shot of the ceiling

And. . . .  . .after

Clear coat of stain on the floor.  The furniture came from Target when it went 75% off!

What a difference, huh?  These were taken a couple of years ago and it looks a little bit different these days.  I bought an much larger outdoor rug at summer's end about 2 years ago, so that's changed the
space quite a bit. 
Quite possibly one of my favorite "rooms" of the house!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Doesn't this warm your heart?  Yeah, me too.

I don't know about you, but the older I get, the longer winter seems.  Why is that?

Tomato seeds and basil have been planted and are doing well. . . .

Obviously I don't bother with those little individual pots to start my seeds. . . .

Just throw them in a planter and I'm good to go.

I'm dreaming about a yummy tomato, basil and mozzarella dish.  Heaven.

Thank You!!

Someone brought me flowers today. . . .