Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

Old Man Winter decided to give us a little gift this week--about a foot of snow.  Growing up in the midwest, I've learned to embrace winter.  You know--winter sports, fun accessories such as hats and scarves, that kind of thing.  I mean, what are ya gonna do?  This is my home, so make the best of it, right? 

But a foot of snow makes for an ever loooooonger commute and I am so done with winter thankyouverymuch.  Done.

I swear, the only thing that seems to be getting me through winter are these little cuties:

I am being totally for real when I tell you that I have single handedly eaten 20 lbs of these little gems in the past month and a half.  They are like candy to me.  I suppose it's better I've eaten 20 lbs of clementines than candy . . . . .hmmm. 

Speaking of winter sports, Country got to try his hand in a variety of winter activities.  First up was ice skating with his sister and neices.  He said he went once before but it had been a very long time.  He skated pretty well.  Until he fell on his wrist.  Whoops!

Then we went to central Wisconsin to visit my grandparents.  We all geared up and brother #2, Country, Papa and I all headed out on the snowmobiles.  Driving a snowmobile is as natural as me as driving a car.  I think my mother gave birth to me on a snowmobile.  And then put ice skates on my feet.  But anyway, since he drove a jet ski once, I figured he was ready for the challenge.  Don't worry.  Brother #2 went out to find him when we realized Country wasn't behind us anymore.  He was fine and so was the windshield of the snowmobile.  Just a little crack.  Nothing a little duct tape won't fix.

I don't think we'll go skiing anytime soon. 

In other news, Country will be back to work full time in less than 2 weeks!  Woot woot!  We are so very happy. 

And, OH!  How could I forget?!  Little Man turned 1 year old last week!  Brother #1 and Sister-in-Love threw a lovely little shindig.

You're in My Spot

So let's talk parking spots.  I've been at my job for oh, 13 years.  That's a long time.  And during that entire time, I've been parking in either the 2nd or 3rd spot, depending on what time I arrive.  Another coworker parks in the 2nd or 3rd spot as well, depending on who gets there first.  It's the way it's been for years.  Years, people.  Now all of a sudden during the last couple of months, there has been an intruder.  Now this is not a new employee.  She's been working there a pretty long time.  Except now she has decided that she wants to be closer to the door. 

Now, rationally speaking, I know we don't have "assigned spots."  Technically, it's first come, first park.  But.  There's just an unspoken kind of rule, you know what I mean?  What makes a person all of a sudden decide, "Hmmm.  I think I'll park here instead?" (even though you just know it's someone else's unofficial spot). 

So, this morning, I woke up 10 minutes earlier so I could get to work before the parking spot offender. Since it would make me look like a total asshole to say anything, I figure my options are:

1.) wake up 10 minutes earlier so I can get here before her and be happy

2.) sleep those extra 10 minutes and arrive at work to find her car in "my" spot, which leads to:

            a.) ultra crabbiness that lasts the majority of the day

            b.) me ramming her car with mine, which leads to:

                    1.) possible arrest

                    2.) damaged vehichles

                    3.) increased insurance premiums

I'm going with option 1.