Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Older, Yes. Wiser? We'll see.

Something happened these past couple of days that doesn't often happen. 
Or shall I say that I don't often let  happen. 
I woke up on Saturday morning and just let it all go. 

You know how it is. . . .working full time, taking care of so much. . . .and always feeling like there is still so much to do on your "list."  You might not even have an actual list.  But I do.  Always.  But not today. 

Lately my mind has been buzzing as loudly as the whirlybirds falling from the maples.

I've been fighting with Mother Nature for about a month now; not quite forgiving her for the shorter days
and longer nights. 

I've been cherishing every last ray of sunshine.

Okay, okay.  We've all been cherishing every last ray of sunshine.

My half-hearted attempt at decorating for fall went something like this:

And I am tired.  Punkered out.  Dunzo.

For the past 6 years or so I have had a huge party celebrating Fall and this year I just didn't have it in me. 
I was exhausted just thinking about the cleaning, decorating and prep involved with having 100+ people at my house.  So I decided to have just my family and closest friends over for a tiny birthday celebration.
And you know what?  I'm was okay with it.  Better than okay. 

We chit-chatted the night away.  Told stories.  Laughed.

We made raunchy jokes about the neigbor's even raunchier music.

The jokes (and music) got even raunchier as the night went on.

We posed for pictures.

Some of us watched Princess and the Frog on an iPhone!

Tripp kept our feet warm and our hearts even warmer.

And of course, we hung out in the teepee.

And as I looked at each of the smiling faces to my left, to my right and all around that bonfire circle. . .

I exhaled the last of the summer air and thought that even though the warm summer days were gone,

my heart had never felt so cozy with love.


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