Wednesday, February 9, 2011


What do you do when the temps are in single digits and the highlight of your day is being able to wear sunglasses for a few minutes because the sun is actually out (and bright)?  You start dreaming of your gardens, of course!

I don't think a whole lot has changed. . . .my hair is longer, my body larger, but I still wear stupid shoes and more often than not have skinned knees from playing around in the dirt.  I am longing to be outside, planting, digging, nurturing, sweating. 

The older I get, the harder it is to live in a state where the seasons are so dramatically different.  Don't get me wrong; I do like the season change.  I even get excited about winter's apperance every few years.  After all, it is fun to bring out the pretty scarves and mittens and my leather peacoat that is so worn in that it feels like butter.  But after Christmas, I'm over the cold and snow.  Bring it on, Spring!

In other news, I took the plunge and painted over the red paint in the dining room.  No pictures yet as I am waiting for the other pair of curtains to come in.  (I purchased the last two panels from a store that was closing but when I went to order the other two panels that I needed online, they were out of stock.  Bummer.)  My mom was cracking up about this dramatic change in the dining room.  She said, "What?  Your house was on a decorating website and now you're changing everything?"  That's just how I roll, I guess.  So, pictures to come soon and the story behind the paint choice.  Stay tuned!

And lastly, Country and I have a new obsession.  Ping Pong.  Yes, you read that right.  We've been playing every chance we get.  When the temperature is -1, you must make the effort to find things to keep yourself occupied and so ping pong it is.

Have a great week friends.

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