Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.
I hope you were able to unwind a bit. . .and let go of some of the "pressures" of the holidays. . .
and enjoy your family and friends.
I hope you shared a lot of laughter with everyone.
Despite what's going on in our world today, I hope you were able to forget about it for
awhile and focus on what's truly important. 
You know what that is.

Little Man cruising around.

Country is trying to get Little Man to be a Saint Louis fan.  Good luck with that!

My mom and Gramma.  Beautiful inside and out.

Who needs toys when there's wrapping paper?!?

Country bought everyone those Bingo scratch-off cards.  A huge hit!

Dad and Country checking their Bingo cards.

Papa with Little Man

Country and me.

Brother #1, Sister-in-love, and Little Man. . .their first Christmas together as a family!

Gramma and Country chatting by the fire.

Auntie Mel and Little Man.  xoxo

Niece S with Little Man.

Country playing Wii with Sister N and Nephew N.

Papa and me.

Brother #1, me and Brother #2.

Papa and Brother #1.

Trying to get them all by the tree to take a nice family photo.

That's better!

What a beautiful Christmas we all had together. 

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