Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garage Sale Success!

So I was a little reluctant to have another garage sale since my last garage sale ended in divorce. Seriously. That was the day that Fargo told me was movin' back home for the summer because we "needed a break. "

But, with all of my coupon craziness, my house was beginning to look like a store and I thought it was time to clear some of it out. I'm glad I did! Sister-in-Love came over with some of her cast-offs and we had a fun day and made some money to boot. Success.

It always amazes me though, how incredibly balls-y some people can be. I mean, it's a garage sale, the stuff is alreay cheap to begin with, and then you tell someone, "That'll be $10 please," and they ask if you'll take $2.  Really? Seriously? And someone stole some stuff, which is a real bummer.  For that person's sake, I'm glad I didn't see it and I'm glad Country wasn't home at that time.

About an hour before quittin' time, Country came out and told me he'd be happy to go out and gather the signs when the sale was over. How sweet.  I asked him, "So, you're not going to break up with me?"  He was confused. Once I explained, he laughed and smiled and said, "No baby, I'm not going to break up with you."

So I still have a boyfriend and more room in the house.

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