Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Official. . . . .

. . . . .my garden was a bust.  Mother Nature just did NOT want to cooperate with us good folks in Illinois.  Our "summer" consisted of rainy and cold days in July.  You have no idea how bummed I am.  All winter long, I had daydreams of working in the yard, lovingly tending to my veggies and flowers.  Don't let me fool you; I really have no idea what I am doing out there, but I enjoy it and every year seem to learn a bit more.

After many successful years of growing tomatoes, cukes, and onions, I decided to add some pumpkins and gourds to the mix as well.  But let's talk about tomatoes.

Ah yes, tomatoes. . .how I love thee.  Every year I start my plants from seeds.  I always plant about 4 "large" variety plants, my favorite being the beefsteak.  And I also plant about 4 of the "small" variety such as cherry, grape, or roma.  This year when I was looking at the seed packets, I found a small variety called currant.  Now, I know the name alone should have tipped me off.  I mean currants are berries, so how big could this little gems be, right? 

But, I really had no idea that I would be planting the. . .
. . . . . World's Smallest Tomato.

What, you don't believe me?  Well, good thing I took some pictures for proof:

See? I told you.  My 4 beefsteak plants netted about oh, 5 ripe tomatoes. Yes folks, 5.  My currant tomato plants netted about oh, 5 MILLION little "what the hell am I supposed to do with these?!" tomatoes. 

Here's a fun picture just to compare the size:

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