Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mama Got Me Some New Boots!

After all of hard working having the Happy Fall Y'all Party, Country and I really felt the need to get out of town for awhile. 

Lucky for us, we were able to spend three nights and four days at the beautiful barn home we stayed at on Labor Day weekend.  Since I already took some pics of this magical place, I brought my camera along thinking that maybe I might get some interesting pictures of some wildflowers, trees, leaves, etc. 

We headed out of town on Thursday and brought the dogs with us this time since it was going to be just the two of us.  We were really looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend.  Country bought a deer tag so he was going to do some hunting and I planned on catching up on some reading, relaxing, taking the dogs for walks, and cooking. 

It rained most of the weekend. But that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time.

But the funny thing is, when I got home and loaded my pictures to my computer, I was surprised to see I had taken 53 pictures.  53 pictures?  Of what? 

Oh yes, I took 53 pictures and all but one (one!) were of the dogs.  I am a loser.

So, what was this one lonely picture of? 

Mama got me a new pair of boots!  We stopped off at Bass Pro on the way to the barn and I got a pair of ugly (but almost so ugly that they're cute--does that make sense?)  Muck Boots!

I promise I won't post the other 52 pictures of the dogs.  But here are a couple of my favorites:

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